Google AdWords: The Basics

If you have a website then Google AdWords is a great place to start generating more leads and sales for your business.

Some Background

There are currently 15 million internet users in South Africa and 78% of those internet users use the internet to search for information on a product or service they are interested in buying.  94% use search engines such as Google to find this information.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an online advertising system that allows you to market your products and services on Google.

How does Google AdWords Work?

The online advertising system is a complex tool and extremely powerful when managed effectively.

The detailed functioning of the Google AdWords System is beyond the scope of this article, but in simple terms it functions as follows:

You choose a list of keywords you want to target that relate to your product or service.  For example Roof Repairs.

When someone types “Roof Repairs” (or a similar variation) in Google your advert is then shown.


If the person clicks the advert they are taken to your website where they can contact you via online email form or via your contact number.

How much does Google Advertising Cost?

The great thing about Google AdWords is that you can set your campaign budget to suit your pocket.  You can set your budget by day and month, once you reach this daily budget your advert will stop showing.

Cost per Click

Each time your advert is clicked Google charges you. There is no charge for your advert just being displayed.

How much will I pay per Click?

The cost of the click is dependent on several factors, including keywords, search volume, completion and your budget.

If your industry has a lot of competition everyone will be trying to get the top spot in Google and can result in a higher cost per click. Clicks can cost as little as R1 per click for smaller niche markets and as much as R40-R50 for larger more competitive markets. The good news is that even in competitive markets by limiting your budget and choosing your keywords carefully you can keep your online advertising costs down.

Location Targeting

Another fantastic feature with online advertising with Google is that you can target specific areas for your business. So if you are based in Cape Town, you can select to only show your advert when someone from Cape Town is searching for your selected keyword.

Why choose Google AdWords?

Online advertising with Google is the most cost effective choice if you want to increase your online presence and generate more business. The ability to set budgets, choose keywords, and target specific locations sets this form of online advertising apart from any other available on the internet.

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