Internet Marketing-Advantages

Advantages of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa.  Many companies are starting to question whether spending large marketing budgets on radio, TV and print are delivering the required results.  With this in mind more and more business realise the importance of internet marketing because of the following advantages.

Cost Effective

Internet marketing costs less than traditional marketing.  There are no printing cost, production costs or need for a voice over artist.

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With internet marketing you get to your potential customer.  Online marketing campaigns can be drilled down to geographic region, age, race, gender, interests and even marital status.  With internet marketing you only expose your offer/advert/brand to people who you want to see it.


With an online presence you can market to anyone and are not restricted by boarders.  Your internet marketing campaign can be shown to local and international customers.


The effectiveness of internet marketing can be tracked effectively.  You can statistically measure how effective your online marketing campaigns are performing, how much traffic you are getting, how often your campaign has been seen, how may sales/enquiries you have received and what the cost per sale/lead is.  This can be done in real time.


The fact that internet marketing performance can be tracked so well allows you to adapt and change your online campaign quickly and ensure even better results.  If one advert is not doing well, change it to an advert that is performing.

All Day Every Day

Internet marketing can be run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If your customer is online, then you can ensure they see your online campaign.  Online marketing is a medium that never stops performing.

As more and more people gain access to the online environment, via laptops, tablets and smart phones, internet marketing will play a vital role in every business.

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Conversion Optimisation

Conversion optimization is an extremely effective way to grow profits for a web based business.

A conversion occurs when a visitor to your website takes action to go beyond just viewing a site.  The visitor becomes a “conversion” when they register, submit details, buy or download on your website. There are several factors that contribute to the conversion rate on a website, such as design, form details, button positioning and even colours, but the higher the conversion rate the better your return on investment.

Our knowledgeable team know all about conversion techniques and tools and can optimise your site to ensure you get the best return.

Website Design and Development

The Internet Age is in full swing. At the end of March 2019 there were 32 million internet users in South Africa and this number is predicted to grow to over even more over the next few years.

Many businesses have yet to adapt and realise the importance of this trend and opportunity.  In fact, a number of businesses do not even have a website for their company.

In the eyes of a customer, having an attractive, easy to use website is a measure of sustainability, creditability and success. The major benefit of having a website is that it provides potential customers with a way to immediately find you and evaluate your product or service – it tells them what you are about and why you deserve their trust and confidence. A website is a silent sales person.

Website Design

Our design and development teams work closely together to bring you a highly effective, attractive, easy to use and Search Engine Optimised website.   These elements combine to give you an online presence and bring you the best results for your website.

When your website is completed it is important to consider some of our digital marketing services to propel your website to new heights online.

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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing is the practice of generating attention and website visits through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. At the end of 2016 over 14 millions South Africas are using Facebook.

Social Media Strategy

Social media has the ability to build brand awareness and often results in higher levels of customer engagement.  This higher level of engagement is usually because the message is spread from user to user and is noticed because it does not come directly from the company but from a trusted source such as a friend or family member.  Social media marketing imitates the old success of word of mouth marketing but now takes place online, at a much faster pace to a larger national or even international audience.

Our experienced social media marketing team can effectively drive first class qualified visitors via various social channels to your website.

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